Fox Farms Fertilizers Review

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Since I post articles about backyard gardening, raised bed gardening and growing evergreens I would like to give a review about the Fox Farm Fertilizer Company. They carry several different and very excellent liquid fertilizers that can be used on various types of plants.

They can be used on a variety of indoor or outdoor plants ranging from different types of flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The best thing about the Fox Farm fertilizers is they are all organically produced with no synthetic chemical fertilizers added.

Product: Big Bloom

Price: $9.79

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Size of container: 16 oz.

Big Bloom review: This product is perfect for the flowering stages of your plants. New plants need nitrogen at the very start to grow healthy. Because this product does not have nitrogen, it has been formulated to be used between the vegetative state of your plant and when it starts to flower.

The NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) rating for this product is 0-0.5-0.7 which will make it hard to give to many nutrients to your plants. It also contains earthworm castings and bat guano and micro nutrients which are all rich in several types of organic materials which are all excellent for growth your plants.

Product: Grow Big

Price: $12.99

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Container size: 16 oz.

Grow Big review: Grow Big is best used when you first start planting your garden because it is formulated to encourage vigorous vegetative growth. At this stage of growth it also enhances plant size and structure due mostly to the nitrogen. The NPK for this product is 6-4-4 and it also contains several trace minerals and micro nutrients as well as earthworm castings.

Product: Tiger Bloom

Price: $11.88

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Container size: 16 oz

Tiger Bloom review: Tiger Bloom is a potent, fast acting, high phosphorus fertilizer that can be used towards the end of the vegetative and beginning of the flowering stages. Along with the proper amount of sunlight and water this product contains the right supply of nutrients to propel your plant into fantastic growth. It’s NPK ratio is 2-8-4 and it also contains a lot of trace minerals as well as micro nutrients and earthworm castings.'> also offers a three pack of these bottles for $29.75 if you would like to get all three and save a few dollars.

Amazon also offers these in a one gallon container size.

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Big Bloom: $36.50

Grow Big: $52.92

Tiger Bloom: $51.90

I have found that since Fox Farm fertilizers contain a balanced NPK ratio, depending on the growth stage of your plant, they are a great choice for any type of plant. Plus the fact that they also contain trace minerals, micro nutrients, earthworm castings and bat guano makes this an excellent source for nutrients to feed whatever type of plant you would like to grow.

I would give Fox Farm fertilizers an A rated review.

6 thoughts on “Fox Farms Fertilizers Review

  1. Hi Dave,

    I am glad to have caught your article. I have been trying to grow my own herbs but didn’t do very well. Now I know why. Most probably it is the fertilizers for different stages of growth. Off I go now to check mine and come back to take a closer look at your recommendations.

    Many thanks for posting this. A newbie like me truly appreciates it.


  2. I got into gardening a few years back and last year I began to use the Big Bloom fertilizer.
    I just wanted to let your readers know that I love this stuff. Last year I had the best garden so far for me!
    I plan on using it again this year, so I will let you know more as the season progresses.
    Great review you have here for a great product!

  3. Hi Dave,
    I have loved gardening since I was growing up and learned about growing veggies from my dad and growing flowers from my mom. These fertilizers are not ladened down with chemicals, too. There is one for each stage of growth. I think I will try the big bloom for my flowers this coming Spring. Thanks for this post.

    1. That is one of the reasons I like Fox Farm so much. they are organic and also because they contain earthworm castings and bat guano. For whatever reason plants just seem to love that stuff.

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