Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds

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Here are a list of reasons why Keter resin storage sheds offer a better buy than metal or wooden storage sheds. Plus some recommendations at the end.

Resin sheds are also known as vinyl sheds, plastic shed or even high-density polyethylene sheds. They are a newer and more dependable type of shed that are becoming more popular with homeowners because of their durability and dependability.

Keter resin Storage Sheds are best known for:

-Easy to assemble because most of them are assembled with screws using a drill/driver or just a screwdriver and, very important, some parts just snap together.

-They are virtually maintenance free. You won’t get any rot or rust with this type of shed. There is no need to ever paint or seal it. Maybe just a wash down with a hose and brush or a power washer every spring.

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-Thet are effectively weatherproof. The molded plastic, by design, keeps out rain, snow and ice. The double wall thickness also makes it more resistant to extreme temperatures and offers some insulation as compared to earlier models.

-Keter resin storage sheds add beauty to your backyard and are a value for your money. Most models today are crafted to look very appealing to your backyard and some are even made to look like English Tudor Manors. The beautiful design, easy assembly, very little maintenance and with a weatherproof design makes a resin storage shed an attractive addition to anybody’s yard.

Metal Sheds:


-The positive side of owning a metal shed are that they are a good value for the price and do last for a long time, when installed properly and are somewhat maintenance free.

-The not so desirable part of owning a metal storage shed is that their appearance can be rather bland and does not really add to the value of you property. Over time, they are prone to rust and corrosion. There is a possibility of water leaks from the screw holes in the roof over years. The paint will fade over time and should be repainted. It is also easier to dent a metal building by many different ways.

Wooden storage sheds:

-Were the first choice for an outdoor shed for many years. For several hundred years wood was the only material available to build any kind of structure out of because of its versatility and strength. And it worked well to an extent. However, between resin storage sheds, metal storage sheds and wooden storage sheds the wooden require the most maintenance.

-Since wood is a natural product it can have a tendency to bow, warp or twist after it is installed.

-Wood definitely needs to be painted, stained or varnished. Even after several years it will have to be re-coated now and then. After years of use some parts may start to rot and have to be replaced.

-Another critical area is the roof. On wooden storage sheds asphalt shingles are used. This may be a big job for a homeowner to make sure it is done right and there are no leaks.

-Wood can attract termites and can be subject to rot although these can be avoided by sealing it properly.

-A wooden storage shed will also take you the longest to construct.

Keter Storage Sheds offers many sizes and styles of storage sheds. From the 4.5′ x 3.5′ tool storage shed model to the large 8′ x 11′ garden storage shed you could easily fit a lawn tractor in .

The Keter High Store

-It is perfect for outdoor gardeners and backyard storage needs. –Its exterior dimensions are 54.9″L X 30.3″W X 71.5″H

-It is perfect for all of your garden tools. Even tall enough for shovels, hoes and rakes.

-They are selling for $289.92

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The Keter Manor Large

-Exterior dimensions are 51.2″H X 75.6″d X 78″H

-This shed is made from polypropylene resin plastic with steel reinforcement

-It comes with a gable vent, window and a heavy duty floor

-the hinges are heavy duty and it has a lockable door hasp

-This shed is a little bit larger and great for backyard garden tools, toys and bicycles

-This shed is going for $399.99

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The Keter Fusion

-Exterior dimensions are 7.5’W X 7.3D X 8.4H

-This shed is made out of recycled plastics and wood composites which makes it corrosion free and resistant to rot and decay

-It comes with windows on both sides of the shed and on both double doors

-It also has a heavy duty floor and a skylite that runs the length of the roof

-There is enough room in this shed for all your garden tool, toys and even a lawn tractor

-This is one of the most beautiful functional sheds on the market

-It sells for $1018.49

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The Keter Factor Large

-External dimensions are 101″W X 130.5″D X 95.5″H

-This is one of the largest resin storage sheds on the market and with this much capacity you can fit a large abundance of things in there

-Made of polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement for durability

-It also has windows on both side panels and a gable vent for ventilation

-It also comes with a heavy duty floor, two shelves and a skylite

As an added benefit this shed is just bolted together with no special tools required

-This storage shed sells for $1055.97

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All Keter storage sheds provide maximum storage with minimum space, they never need painting or staining and are virtually maintenance free, maybe just a ga

rden hose to wash the dirt off every once in a while. Since they are made out of polypropylene resin with steel reinforcements they are weather resistant and will not rot, dent, peel or rust. They are built sturdy and made to withstand the elements. The floors are made heavy duty and to withstand a lot of traffic. The gable vent give added airflow.

If you in the market for a storage shed thats looks great and is highly functional you can’t go wrong with a Keter storage shed.

If you have any questions or comment feel free to leave them below.



4 thoughts on “Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds

  1. I agree that the vinyl (resin) sheds are the wave of the future. They are light weight and easy to assemble. I’ve had a number of metal and wood sheds over the years. I found that in just a few years the metal shed just started to look cheap and shoddy. Wood sheds felt more substantial but needed paint and maintenance on a regular basis.
    I do have a question about the vinyl sheds you show. In the past vinyl had a tendency to get brittle and fade over time. How do these perform in that respect?
    Thanks, Jim

    1. I appreciate your input. To answer your question the new designs using polypropylene are even more resistant to fading and cracking. Any other questions please feel free to ask.

  2. I agree that the vinyl type sheds are much easier to maintain versus the metal and the wood sheds. While I never did like the metal sheds, there are many types of wood sheds that are very nice looking that I like. In the long run, however, wood sheds can be very high maintenance as you mentioned so that is something to think about.

    If I were to purchase a new shed the Keter Fusion shed would probably be the best of both worlds for me because it has a combination of the recycled plastics and wood composites. It looks like a wood shed and I really like that. Plus, the low maintenance is great too. The windows and the skylite are an added bonus.

    Do you have a favorite one out of the ones that you reviewed?

    Great review! Donna

    1. It would depend. The Keter Fusion is a very beautiful shed but for just a few dollars more the Keter Factor Large has a lot more storage space.

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