Fox Farm Ocean Forest

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Here is a review of Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting mixes. The list of ingredients in this natural, organic potting mix makes it one of the best potting mixes for organic gardening you can find on the market. From vegetables to fruit to herbs this product can be used,indoor or outdoor container gardening, to grow a healthy abundant crop.

A much better choice to use than chemical or synthetic fertilizers, like Miracle Gro, this product gives only what your plants needs to grow healthy without additional additives.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Mix.

Product: Fox Farm Ocean Forest<

Size: 1.5 cubic feet, 27 pounds or 11.2 gallons.

Price: $36.99

Best place to buy: Amazon<

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is an alternative to chemically made potting soils. It contains only natural ingredients from the ocean and the forest to provide your plant with the best possible nutrients available. Here is a list of these organic all natural ingredients that will have all of your plant growing to their maximum ability.

 -Fish emulsion is thought of as an all-purpose organic fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also contains calcium and magnesium and 60 trace elements . Considered “mild” it will not burn your plants.

-Crab meal is another natural fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is environmentally friendly and releases its nutrients slowly into the soil making for a better absorption rate for your plants. It is also known as a bio-pesticide and helps with nematode and fungus problems in the soil.

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-Shrimp meal contains nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. Like the other three it is another valuable byproduct of the ocean industry that promotes vigorous growth and development in all types of plants.

-Recycled wood fiber products that will break down fast into a usable compost and soil amendment.

-Peat moss is another great soil amendment and works very well as a medium for starting seeds.

-Earthworm castings are one of the richest natural fertilizers you can add to your garden. They add enough plant nutrients and stimulate plant growth more than any chemica
l fertilizer on the market. They also are very good at retaining moisture and yet prevent root rot. As an added benefit they have the ability to balance the PH in the soil.

-Bat guano is a great soil conditioner. It provides a high concentration of nutrients for plants and surrounding soil. It has a NPK ratio of 10-3-1. The higher nitrogen levels work best for plants from seedlings to the flowering stage and will produce a faster, greener growth. In addition it is a natural fungicide and nematode controller.">

-NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or potash. These nutrients are considered the very basic things a plant needs to grow and thrive. With each one benefitting your plants at a different rate as it grows.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemically produced garden products. It works great for seedlings, houseplants and container gardening. If you want any of your plants to be able to achieve its maximum growth and abundance then Fox Farm Ocean Forest is the right product for you.

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