Growing with Coco Coir

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Coco coir is an Eco friendly planting medium made out of coconut fibers. It is a superb addition to seed starting mixes. It is an excellent alternative to peat when added to potting soil mixes. Coco coir is a fully biodegradable and completely renewable.

Here is a list of things coco coir is known for

-It makes an excellent soil amendment and conditioner

-Provides outstanding aeration for substantial healthy root development

-Retains and releases nutrients over an extended period of time

-It will hold up to ten times its weight in water and yet provides excellent draining capacity

-It is ecologically friendly and is naturally weed and pathogen free

-Coco coir has a neutral to slightly acidic PH which is what you want with most flowering plants

-While coco coir and peat moss are both great additions to your garden soil by helping to break down heavy soil’s and retain water in sandy soil’s coco coir also has the advantage of helping to deter fungus gnats and other diseases while a better supporter of root structure.

-It works marvelous in all vegetable and herb gardens either inside or outside as well as annual and perennial flower beds outside.

-As a top dressing it works very well lawns and golf turf fields

Coco coir is usually shipped in a 10 to 12 pound block. We have found that the best way to break it down is to place it in a wheelbarrow and add a little bit of water at a time to let the coco coir absorb and expand. Use a garden tool like a hoe or a sharp edged trowel to scrape off a little of the mixture at a time. A 10 to 11 pounds will fluff out from 12″x12″x5″ block to about 2.2 to 2.5 cubic feet of a fluffy soil mixture.

Coco coir can be used as a replacement for peat moss in all potting mediums, garden soil’s and especially seed starting mixes. It also works great as a top dressing.

Disclaimer: The following link is to Amazon which we will make a little bit of money on if you buy through this website

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3 thoughts on “Growing with Coco Coir

  1. I like this eco friendly version with so many benefits. If I am using this for mixing in pots, how long will one box last, I mean how much can I use one box for? Trying to see how much I would need to order. It says it is a 5 kg box, but I can’t quite picture how much that really is. Is this like one big bag of soil?

    1. After adding water and mixing it all up it will fill up about half a wheelbarrow. It is a lot lighter and less denser than soil which is great for seedlings and soil aeration.

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