Growing evergreens in containers

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I think evergreen trees are some of the most beautiful and majestic trees that grow on this planet. Some of them are able to reach a height of over 300 feet.

You will find that growing evergreen trees in a container is a very enriching and rewarding hobby and also a way to bring beauty to your backyard.

Pine trees in plastic pots

Types of evergreens you can grow in pots

Any type of evergreen you can think of can be grown in a pot.

The most popular types of evergreen trees you can grow in pots are the-

-Ponderosa Pine

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-Scots Pine

-Pinon Pine

-Bristlecone Pine

-Japanese Black Pine

-Incense cedar

-Montezuma Cypress

-Coast Redwood

-Dawn Redwood

-Giant Sequoia

Pine trees in pots

Pots to use for evergreen trees

There are many different types and sizes of pots you can use to grow trees in. The most popular are clay, plastic, wood or fabric. Of the four I think the fabric pot is the best idea.

Fabric pots come in many different sizes and I would suggest a 3 gallon size if your are starting from seed and a larger size, between 7 and 15 gallons if buying a plant that has already started growing.

Fabric pots are also known as a “porous aeration container” and here are some if its benefits are-

-Release heat faster than clay or plastic pots do

-Air prunes the root structure of the plant

-promotes fibrous root growth

-Aerates the root zone

All of these factors promote a better root structure and a healthier, stronger plant.

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Types of soil for evergreen trees

Evergreen trees do their best in the same type of soil most other plants like to grow in. A lightweight medium that is nutrient rich and has good drainage to keep the roots aerated works best.

Rich organic compost, humus and perlite should be added. Choose a potting soil that is rich in organic and without extra chemicals or synthetics added.

Evergreen trees prefer a NPK ratio of 10-8-6 which means they like nitrogen more than anything else. They also prefer a slightly acidic PH to the soil.

After you get your tree and the soil mixture you want to use and are preparing to plant it make sure you dig a hole deep enough so that the roots go straight down.

“J” rooting, where the ends of the roots are pointed upward makes it harder for the plant to obtain nutrients from the soil and get used to its new home.

Make sure your new plant gets plenty of sunlight. In hotter climates some shade in the afternoon is recommended. Misting the needles with water in the morning is another good idea.

Evergreen tree no
rmally grow at higher elevations in the wild but can be adapted to grow almost anywhere.

In colder climates it is not a bad idea to bring them inside when they are young and it dips below freezing for a long period of time.


Noble Fir starting to get root bound

Transplanting to a permanent location

After several years of growing your evergreen in a container it will be time to transfer it to a permanent location in the ground.

The location should be at least 10 feet away from power lines, other trees and buildings.

You should dig the hole at least 6 inches larger than the root ball to allow for mixture of the loose surrounding soil mixed with organic compost. This gives the roots a chance to grow without resistance and get used to its new environment.

Bonsai Trees

As an alternative to transplanting your evergreen trees into the ground you could try creating a bonsai tree.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form of configuring evergreen trees in containers into smaller versions of the actual tree.

Bonsai is used as an outlet for aesthetic creativity enjoyed by many and will be covered in another article.


Evergreen trees are beautiful and useful. They produce oxygen, protection from the sun and wind and provide wildlife habitats and food.

As an added benefit they also reduce soil erosion, flooding and water pollution.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I really like your advice on growing evergreens in containers. Evergreens are indeed majestic trees and create a cozy feel in any backyard or patio area. I like the flexibility of being able to move the plants to get better sunlight or to bring them indoors when temperatures dip too low. Thanks for the suggestion of fabric pots. I will try that soon. Great Job!

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